Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Everyone should be a little nicer…

and stop being flat out rude about conservative people.

So they believe something different than you. Done. Over. There is no reason to keep generalizing and attacking personal character.

I can actually be called conservative. I’m socially liberal, but very fiscally conservative. I also know many very conservative people who I happen to like. They sometimes seem to have more class and character than many liberals I know, when it comes to politics. 

Just because someone is a Republican, they aren’t a bad person. All republicans are not bad people. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any of the republican people I know making jokes about liberals, complaining about liberals, attacking their characters.

No one’s perfect. Let’s stop generalizing and try to be nice.


  1. thebakkat said: I’m not rude about conservatives. I’m rude about Rick Santorum. :) But really, my whole family (besides me) is conservative. I get joked about and ragged on at every holiday. It does go both ways. I honestly don’t get why we can’t all be friends~
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